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 Bringing Flow Back Into Your Life

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Flow experiences are defined as meaningful experiences and people are happiest when they are doing something they find to be meaningful. When you are in a state of flow, you lose track of time, you have a lack of self-consciousness, and an intense focus on the present moment. The time seems to slow down but when it is over it seems that time has passed really fast. You are so absorbed in the activity that you have no excess capacity left over to judge how you’re doing and your attention is focused mainly on the present moment.

Perhaps we can remember those flow moments when we were kids but how often as adults do we truly experience it?

Everyone is so busy nowadays. We have so much to do, we are so caught up and before you know it the week ends, the month ends and the year ends.

It may be difficult trying to fit Flow into your busy schedule but if you really want to lead a fulfilling, meaningful and happy life you will simply have to make time for it. Here are a few ways you can bring Flow back into your life in the pursuit of happiness:


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What do you like to do? What do you enjoy doing the most? Whatever it is, designate some time for it at least once per week and do it. Eventually you will find that you really enjoy this activity so much that once per week is not enough and you start making even more time for it. This is how you will gradually bring flow back into your life. If you do not have a hobby, just try doing something new. Perhaps something you have  been interested in but never really had the time to try it. Remember hobbies create passions and passions create profits!


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Flow experiences are always meaningful. You can bring Flow back into your life by volunteering at a charity event or joining a charitable organization in your Community.  I cannot emphasize enough how rewarding and fulfilling it is when you help someone in need. You will simply have to experience it for yourself. There are many charitable programs and organizations seeking volunteers and new members. You can start by researching the ones in your Community. Be generous to the Universe and the Universe will be generous to you!


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If everyday you go to work you can’t wait for the time to leave, you should not be there! You are wasting precious time as most of our time is spent at work anyways. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to just get up and quit your job right now. Here is how you will quit your job to get flow back into your life. The first thing to do is start searching for something that is more meaningful to you, perhaps something you love to do. Do it on the side while you are still in the job you hate.Try it for a period of time, maybe a year. If after a year you find that it is really working for you financially and other wise, then you can quit your job and tell your boss Kuddos! On the other hand, if it is not something you can do on the side, then do a lot of research on it. Ask persons who are currently doing it to get their feedback and so that you can know the challenges you may face if you actually pursue it.  Watch the trend to see if it is lasting or short term. Get all your facts so you can make an informed decision when you quit your job. Never make a hasty decision for haste makes waste!


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As adults leading busy lives we seldom spend quality time with our loved ones. We are at dinner and everyone’s face is buried in their smart digital devices. All you can hear is the cutlery clinking the plates and the pings from messages coming in. Nowadays, there are just so many new technologies, we can’t even keep up. A new app is developed every day that connects us on the internet but disconnects us face to face. So here’s a challenge. Put. The. Phone. Aside. Engage in face-to-face conversations, play games, have some fun on the beach or at the park, go on a field trip or excursion. There are so many fun activities you can do with your loved ones that will create new Flow experiences over and over. I really enjoy having a conversation with my children; they are fun, interesting and even weird. It feels so good when I engage in conversations with them and that’s enjoying a little moment of Flow right there.

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So basically you can bring Flow back into your life by doing something you love, doing something meaningful and spending quality time with your loved ones. If you do one or all of the above, drop me a few lines in the comment section and share the difference it has made in your life 🙂 .


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